definition of select

The word to select is used extensively in our language to account for that action from which they choose, choose, in a careful way, either things or individuals, from among several options, corresponding to the same species or category, because it is considered that they are the ones that best meet the conditions that are sought.

Action that consists of choosing things or people that meet the best characteristics

It should be noted that when we carry out the action of selecting what we will obtain is a selection characterized by presenting the criteria used at the time of the election.

Now, we cannot ignore that the selection is usually impregnated with the subjectivity of who chooses many times since the preference of the selector tends to tip the balance many times at the time of the election.

Although of course it is taken into account that the selection brings together the best in the category, the tastes of whoever selects also influence.

The national team in football aims to bring together the most talented players

For example, in the case of a football team, the coach of the same, when selecting, will proceed to choose those players who are in their best football moment to play, either because they are in a good moment or because their physical condition is the best.

The national team is precisely called that football, tennis, basketball team, among other sports, in which the best athletes of the moment are gathered, and whose mission is to represent their country in the various international competitions that call them.

The World Cup is without a doubt the most popular and important competition on the planet, bringing together the best teams.

The technical directors of each team previously choose those players from their country who have the best football level at the time of the competition.

In order to be selected, it is a condition without equanom to have the nationality of the country.

Personnel selection: choosing the best for a job position

In another vein, as it is in the work environment, more precisely human resources, the action of selecting turns out to be very common since from it, the professional who is in charge of the area, is in charge of choosing, from among a varied number of applicants, the one that best responds to the needs of the position vacant.

Normally, applicants are subjected to a series of on-site tests and an exhaustive analysis of the previous work experiences that each one presents is carried out based on the information provided in the curriculum vitae.

It is practically impossible today to get a job without first having to go through a selection process.

And this is so because the selection by experts guarantees companies to have suitable personnel for the positions, not only in the professional aspect but also in their profile, because the employee cannot separate himself from the person he is, and thus it is important to study and evaluate it also in its personal aspect.

Computing: action used in text editing

And in computing we also find a reference for this term, since select is a action that we can perform both in the edition of a text document, in a web page, among other alternatives and that basically consists of marking a part of a text or an image and then being able to copy and paste it into another document.

It is specified by clicking with the mouse in that place where you want to start the selection and then holding it down to mark all the text for example.

Normally, the action of selecting is carried out in order to extract from a text the parts or images that at the discretion of the person performing the action turn out to be the most important.

The selection of text, as we already indicated, is usually copied to paste into another document, or failing that, to be able to apply some changes to that text, enlarge or reduce it, highlight it in bold, underline it, align it to the right, left, or center it, highlight it with color, among other options.

There are a variety of synonyms for this concept, however, that of choose It is undoubtedly the one we use the most out of the vast range of possibilities.

Meanwhile, the word that opposes is that of Mix, because it precisely refers to the union, of those things, people that are characterized by their heterogeneity.

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