definition of perspective

The perspective It is the concrete, particular and subjective point of view that a person has on a specific topic. The perspective is not fixed and immovable since the habitual thing is that a person changes of opinion regarding certain subjects throughout his life precisely, because the experience also modifies the way of interpreting reality. When a person never changes his mind, he is stubborn and values ​​the simple fact of being right more than the truth itself.

Different points of view according to knowledge and profile

Without a doubt, the people humble They are those who seek information, contrast data, read frequently to be informed, are observers to learn and thus be able to have a positive perspective on an issue. A perspective that fits the truth as closely as possible. The same issue can also be interpreted from different points of view as shown by the different areas of knowledge: history, economics, philosophy, mathematics ...

Within the framework of Philosophy

The history of the philosophy It is the clearest example of how different perspectives can add wisdom to humanity since the thought of famous authors such as Heidegger, Socrates, Kant, Descartes and Heggel is an example of reflection. The attitude of the person who truly values ​​wisdom is that of someone who knows that in most cases there are no absolute truths but rather particular and concrete points of view. In each author you can find reasons true that help you live better.

Also, when you are in a dialogue With friends where different points of view are exchanged, what really matters is that you argue your perspective with compelling reasons that give value to your words over reason itself. Do not want to impose your truth on anyone and dialogue in a polite and friendly way.

One chooses to focus and analyze from positive aspects or not

The perspective shows how depending on where we put the focus of attention we can see one thing or another totally different. At a vital level, it is important to put the perspective on the beautiful facts, on the good people and on the beautiful side of life to live connected to pleasant emotions that add hope.

Beware of deluding yourself about reality

The perspective can also show the magnifying glass effect that distorts reality when we pay attention to a specific point but lose sight of the generality of the facts. For example, when a person is in love, his perspective focuses on valuing all the virtues of his partner but does not value the defects because he does not see them at that stage, although they exist.

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