definition of american football

As its name suggests, American football originates from an American country, the United States. It is a sport that emerged in the late 19th century as a variant of British rugby, which in turn is a different version of football.

Basic rules

Two teams of 11 players each face each other on a court with a length of 100 yards divided into 10 equal parts and during four periods of 15 minutes. The main objective of the game is for each team to carry the oval ball to the other end of the field to score a touchdown. Each team has four opportunities or downs to advance 10 yards, which are marked on the field of play.

If you can move 10 yards or more, you have four other opportunities to move the ball forward, which can be done in a number of ways (by running with the ball in your hand or passing the ball forward to another player). At the same time, the opposing team tries to impede the advance of the ball. In this way, the members of each team try to advance their position while the rivals try to prevent it.

Strategic games, in which to anticipate the opponent's moves

In the event that after 3 attempts they have not managed to advance 10 yards, they will most likely kick the ball to move the opponent away from the end zone. If they manage to advance with the ball towards the opposite extreme zone, a touchdown will be scored, which is worth 6 points or 7 points if they kick the ball and it crosses the opponent's goal posts. Another option is to kick a field goal on the fourth opportunity, as long as the team is close to the goalposts and has not managed to advance 10 yards in the previous three opportunities (in this case the goal is worth 3 points).

American football terminology

In each sport there are a series of terms that are necessary to understand the dynamics of the game and the entire culture related to it. As for the players, there are the attackers (known as quarterbacks), the receivers are the wide receivers, the fastest are the runningbacks and the center is the one who puts the ball into play.

In the media it is very common to talk about the All Pro Team, which would be the ideal team. The assistant coach or coach are called assistant coaches. The visiting team is the Away game and one of the main judges of the match is the back judge.

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