definition of alienation

The concept of alienation It has several references that will be closely related to the context in which the term is used.

Law: transferring an asset from one estate to another

At Right, the alienation supposes the transfer of a real right from one estate to another, that is, to transfer the rights or property of one thing to another.

For example, when someone sells a house to another, they will be incurring an alienation of that asset.

This sense of the term is not so widely used in ordinary language but it is more frequent that we find the use of one of its synonyms, transfer, to account for the action and the result of selling something.

The opposite of alienation in this sense would be purchase.

Psychology: Lack of sanity and awareness of the action that makes it impossible to assume responsibility

On the other hand, in terms of psychology, the alienation implies the loss of sanity, that is, dementia, someone's madness.

Mental alienation consists of an alteration of the psychic faculties of a person that will prevent them from having full awareness of their behaviors and the impossibility of assuming responsibility for them.

At the request of criminal law, if it is reliably proven through corresponding medical expertise, the alienation may be a determining cause when exempting a person from responsibility for a crime that has been proven to have been committed, and as a consequence of it , the courts usually rule in such cases that the person be confined in a psychiatric institution without having to serve a prison sentence as is normally expected when this pathology does not mediate in a criminal.

However, this does not release him from his actions and therefore he will not be able to leave his hospitalization under any point of view, unless the court that tried him decides.

The causes that trigger this health problem can be varied, among them: a head injury, dependence and abuse of various drugs, some specific super stressful situation that can be the product of an excessive rhythm of life and work, a fact that results be a constant in the life of these times.

In any case, the idea is always to preserve the integrity of the person and of third parties that may be affected by their actions, which, as we have seen, is not within normal mental parameters.

Guardian and conservatorship to represent the alienated person

Whoever is in this situation, for example, will not be able to function civilly with the freedom that any other person does, even if they are of legal age, since they will be considered unfit and therefore must be guided by a guardian, who will have the mission of examining each of its steps, or failing that, the figure of the guardianship will be determined, which implies that the justice designates a legal representative for said person.

The purpose of the curatorship will be that the curator intervenes in the acts of the alienated persons, while acts of any kind that are carried out without the intervention of the latter, when so provided, will be annulled.

In addition, in criminal matters, the alienated person cannot be charged with anything, because he is not responsible for the acts he commits, as we have already indicated.

It should be noted that alienation is a permanent mental pathology in those who suffer from it, that is, it is not that it can disappear, the state of alteration remains permanent and that is the main difference with the mental disorder that is transitory.

As of the XIX century it is recognized as a mental illness.

Among the most popular synonyms for this reference we find that of craziness, which also has a more widespread use than the concept of alienation.

When someone loses their mind, it is more common for us to say that they suffer from insanity.

The person who suffers from this medical circumstance is called as alienated

Meanwhile, the opposing word is that of sanity.

Lack of attention

On the other hand, the word alienation is widely used in ordinary language to indicate the distraction or lack of attention that an individual presents towards something or someone.

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