definition of egomaniac

The term egomaniac is used to refer to a type of personality that is characterized by constant self-admiration and veneration, in unusual amounts and that can in some cases become pathological. The term egomaniac comes from the Greek and means self-worship since ego represents the self and latria to worship or admiration.

Egolatry or people considered egotistical have always existed, since the human being has been able to develop better standards of living and since the idea of ​​social differences that suppose that some are superior to others has been implemented. Nowadays, however, egotism could be considered as a much more common pathology at a social level since the current lifestyle assumes that we all have to succeed in life, with success being nothing more than power, money or luxuries. Many times an egomaniacal person is a person who obtains all those elements but who hardly assures him of these better or more sincere social relationships.

Egolatry is not related, however, exclusively to power or money. In this sense, the type of education and upbringing that the person receives also has an important gravitation in the development of an egotistical personality, always acting as the center of attention of the family or the peer group, being capricious and doing anything to obtain what you want.

Egolatry is a major problem when it comes to social relationships since the person who maintains these characteristics usually has complications in maintaining normal relationships with other people. This is so on the one hand because the permanent consideration of himself as a superior being makes him see others as useless or essential, while people generally cannot tolerate personalities of this type because they are conflictive and shocking.

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