definition of civility

The civility first of all it is a attitude that should be observed by all those citizens of a community and that consists in the fulfillment of the obligations that are presented to the community to which they belong.

Citizenship supposes observing minimum standards of social behavior which are the ones that will allow human beings we can live collectively. The bases that this social behavior proposes are the respect towards others, towards the natural environment, objects and public institutions, good education, civility and courtesy.

A person can demonstrate their civility through different concrete actions: not throwing papers or garbage on the floor and failing that, using the basket, helping their peers when an event occurs that complicates a region of the community in which they live. , caring for those who do not find possibilities to develop at the professional and personal levels and the fulfillment of their obligation to vote in those countries in which voting turns out to be compulsory; Meanwhile, this fulfillment, in addition to being physical, that is, of attending the polling place that corresponds to it by law, the most important thing is that it is committed to a thought of choosing the option that is considered most appropriate to guarantee the union and prosperity of the place where it lives. It is common, either due to lack of interest or because they are not directly interested, that most people vote out of obligation, just because and not consciously thinking about the proposal that is the most appropriate for their well-being and that of the world around them. .

Those who demonstrate the ability to coexist in society, always respecting and considering the other and also fulfilling the alternatives mentioned in the previous paragraph, it can be said of them that they live according to the fundamental proposal of civility.

On the other hand, when a person handles himself with the utmost politeness and respect It will be said of the same that it is handled with a lot of civility in his life. Laura received us with the civility that characterizes her.

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