schema definition

A scheme is a graphic or symbolic representation of a series of ideas or concepts linked together in different fields of study.

Scheme is the visual representation of often abstract or immaterial concepts that are related to form a symbolic figure. The scheme is used for a variety of purposes, for example to facilitate understanding of a scientific, logical or mathematical concept. Or, they can also be used as a means of summary or simplified conceptualization of a particular problem or topic. They are useful in educational and business spaces, formal and informal, and in any situation that requires a graphic conception to explain one or more ideas.

Scientific and / or mathematical schemes are used mostly for research and theoretical purposes. Although they do not always have a simplification purpose, they often serve a demonstrative or hypothetical objective, to theorize about some aspect of science or logic. For example, a scheme can be used to graph one or a series of formulas, to explain the steps to follow in a certain procedure, or to represent the synchronic or diachronic evolution of an object or entity. Schemes often accompany research reports, as a conclusion or visualization of the contributions made by the work.

Schemas are also used frequently in the social realm or in educational, debate or business settings. A scheme is useful to link concepts with each other, for example, in a hypothesis about social problems that are intended to be addressed from governmental or institutional areas. It is also very didactic when it comes to teaching abstract or complex concepts to students. For example, to refer to biological evolution, concepts of mathematics or philosophical problems. Finally, the schemes are highly valued in business and work environments, where it is often necessary to account for progress in work areas in a simplified and concrete way.

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