definition of communication

The term communication in its broadest sense refers to the action and result of communicating. When human beings communicate with each other, we are sharing issues, leading to our own situations being common with the other and with those they have. Therefore, communication is an absolutely human activity and part of the relationship of people in any area and time of life.

Action of communicating with peers that allows us to know, obtain information, express ourselves and link ourselves

If it were not thanks to communication, we would not be able to know what surrounds us and also share it with our environment, but since it is a concrete fact and at our disposal, communication makes it easier for us to obtain information to know, express ourselves and relate to other people .

What is the process like and what are the elements involved?

The communication process involves the emission of signals, such as sounds, gestures or signs with the sole intention of making a message known. For the communication, the message, to come to fruition, to the recipient, it will be necessary for him to have the skills to decode and interpret the message in question.

Meanwhile, this process will almost always produce a feedback, an idea and a return, because once the sender issues his message the process is reversed and the receiver at the time of replying will become the sender, the original sender being the receiver of the communication process.

The elements that make up the aforementioned communication process are the following: code (system of signs and rules combined with the intention of making something known), channel (the physical medium through which the information will be transmitted) and those named transmitter (who wants to send a message) and receiver (the person to whom the message will be addressed).

The main difficulty that can arise within the communication process is what is known as noise, a disturbance that will complicate the normal development of the message. Some common noises when communicating turn out to be: distortion in sound, use of faulty spelling or dysphonia of the transmitter.

Communication, in human beings, turns out to be an action proper to psychic activity, proceeding from thought, language and psychosocial relational capacities. Communication, whether verbal or not, will allow individuals to influence the decisions of others and also be influenced by those of others.

Human communication, versatile and complex

On the other hand, we must frame communication in one of the basic and most important capacities that man has as a social being.

Most animals communicate through some way, while it is in man that the communicative process shows a very high level of versatility and complexity.

All animal species communicate but human communication stands out for being certainly sophisticated. Animals use signs dominated by instinct, they warn through different ways of danger, the presence of food, while humans develop a set of signs that have different meanings.

Biology intervened in a substantial way since the disposition of the human brain has made it possible for it to develop and handle language and have the skills to understand the rest of its peers.

According to the studies that have been done regarding the language, it has been discovered that all follow common rules despite their diversity and that this is what is genetically determined in the human being.

Since the human being appeared in the world, oral communication was also present with him. Meanwhile, writing appeared much later and it can be said that it is a tool that was able to develop thanks to the evolution that it was achieving over time. Writing could be equated with the development of any technology today.

As a consequence of the importance that communication has in people's lives, it is that it has been approached from different fields and disciplines and also from different points of view. This situation has of course provided important conclusions and advances on the subject, such as deepening the problems that usually arise in communication and that are capable of harming the development of various actions and activities due to the impossibility of being able to establish communication. efficient.

Lines above we refer to some of them and it is important to keep them in mind in order to repair them and thus be able to communicate in a compliant way.

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