definition of social relations

It is called a relationship to that correspondence or connection that is established between something or someone with another thing or with another person. Meanwhile, social relations are those social interactions that are regulated by social norms between two or more people, each presenting a social position and displaying a social role.

They favor group culture and promote socialization

Social, interpersonal relationships, in some way, establish the guidelines of the group culture and its transmission through the socialization process, promoting perception, motivation, learning and beliefs. Within this group called social relationships we can find the following types of relationships: friendship, family, work, among other.

Social relationships turn out to be a complement in the life of a human being as the relationship we have with ourselves, then the fact that interacting with other human beings is a necessary and essential question of daily life. As a consequence of this situation, psychologists insist on emotional education in this sense of promoting the social aspect, because positive attitudes towards life are facilitated that will allow the development of social skills.

Social relationships, mostly, develop within a social group, also known as an organic group. Each person within the social group will play reciprocal roles within society and will act according to the same norms, values ​​and goals always agreed in order to satisfy the common good of the group.

The human being is an eminently social being that needs these relationships to live

A social relationship will be a means to satisfy certain objectives such as an end. The human being is, as it is known, an eminently social being, therefore he needs almost like the air that allows him to breathe to be in contact with other people of the same species.

While a fundamental element in any social relationship turns out to be communication, which is the capacity that people have to obtain information from their environment and then be able to share it with the rest of the people with whom they interact.

Social relationships are very important in the life of any person, in principle because through them the human being receives love, affection, containment, and on the other hand because having them removes loneliness and isolation, issues that always sadden the soul and they can trigger physical and mental illnesses. That is, social relationships are good for the spirit and for the body, always.

Difficulties and how to cope

Now, we must say that most of the social relationships that we establish in our lives, with friends, family, with a partner, with co-workers, are not always simple and simple, but can sometimes be very complex and generating pain, anguish, anger, among other emotions in people.

It is common for social relationships to generate differences of opinion regarding how to face or solve an issue, misunderstandings, communication problems, uncomfortable silences, anger, distancing, and not to mention the fact that it is natural that people tend to have more affinities with some people than with others, and then this of course also contributes to causing discord in social relationships with some for whom we do not really sympathize, but rather the opposite.

And this is the case many times because to keep social relationships alive and in good condition it is necessary to put aside the individuality and selfishness that usually dominate us in order to connect satisfactorily with the other, with their needs, with their world.

But there is another side of the coin in which social relationships offer us unique, unforgettable, loving and happy moments as a result of hugs, kisses, phone calls, celebrations, support, words of affection, among others, dedicated to us by those people with whom we interact socially in a very happy way.

Opening the heart, trust, and putting aside individuality are keys to achieving lasting social relationships, and we cannot ignore in this sense that what the person has learned in the family nucleus in this regard is also very important, since normally the child he takes as an example and internalizes some models that he appreciates in his parents and in his closest family environment.

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