definition of new year

Time inevitably passes in the rhythm of life, which is marked by cycles. The year has 365 days and twelve months. Every December we say goodbye to the present year to welcome the next month of January that marks the beginning of a new year. A change in the calendar that is cause for celebration due to the emotional value of this experience that despite being repetitive, each year is exciting.

The new year represents the metaphor of the next destiny, of what is to come. Therefore, we set ourselves before him with the illusion of being able to make important wishes, personal dreams and goals of happiness come true. In the same way, we want the suffering, sadness, accumulated disappointments and bad times to remain in the old year. Each country has its own traditions to celebrate the night of December 31st.

Happy New Year

On the other hand, January 1 is the time when people take the opportunity to congratulate family and friends wishing a Happy New Year. This greeting is another of the traditions of Christmas.

Every January 1, people set goals that often fall into oblivion in February.

There are repetitive challenges: quitting smoking, going to the gym to play sports, losing the kilos taken at Christmas ... The excitement of a new year is linked to the joy of being able to celebrate this moment with those family members who continue to witness that moment. , and with the longing of all those who remained in the memory. On January 1 we also experienced that strange emotion of nostalgia for that year that is now part of the past.

Start from scratch

Life for most people remains exactly the same on December 31 and January 1. However, there is something that changes: the attitude. That attitude that is accompanied by the positive energy that new beginnings bring. From the point of view of mental hygiene, the happiness of a new year is marked, precisely, by that pleasant sensation that comes from starting from scratch and taking that moment as a new opportunity.

With the start of a new year, many families buy a new calendar to post in a visible place in the house. A calendar with significant dates for each one, such as birthdays.

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