definition of computer

A computer or computer is an electronic device that has the purpose of receiving and processing data to carry out various operations.

Computers are currently the most popular and used devices for the purposes of performing operations as diverse as developing content, communicating with other people, searching for information, using various applications, and hundreds of other possibilities.

Technically, a computer is a set of integrated circuits and components (among them the most relevant would be the microprocessor or brain of the machine) that can execute sequences, routines and operations with speed, order and systematization based on a series of practical applications for the user previously programmed.

The components of a computer are usually the CPU or Central Processing Unit (which contains all the internal operating elements such as memory and processor), the monitor, keyboard, mouse and other accessories such as printer, scanner, webcam, microphone and speakers, and other mobile memories.

Functionally, a computer is managed through a pre-installed or installed operating system that allows the execution of various functionalities and the subsequent installation of other programs and applications in order to perform much more specific actions.

Today there are all kinds of computers with the most diverse components and functionalities. The most common is the desktop computer, which contains all the aforementioned components and allows a wide range of operations to be carried out according to its capabilities. Another type of computer is the laptop or notebook, which includes the same components but integrated into a single device for easy transport. There are also smaller computers such as the so-called 'palm' or handheld computers.

The most frequently used applications on all types of computers are the use of word processors and other similar ones such as spreadsheets and databases, web browsers to access the Internet, email programs, multimedia file players and applications that work on the Internet. through the web such as social networks.

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