drawing definition

Drawing is the visual art of representing something in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional medium through various tools and / or methods. Conventional drawing is done with pencil, pen, graphite or crayon, but there are multiple techniques and possibilities associated with drawing.

If you had to define in a few words what drawing is, it would be said that it is the act of producing an image manually with some element or substance. Thus, pencil on paper is often used, but you can also draw on almost any other surface, and even do it digitally with the mouse or the stylus or tablet.

A drawing can be representative, abstract or symbolic, that is, it can want to be a faithful image of what it represents, or evoke feelings, perspectives or forms of the draftsman, or even work by conventions in, for example, urban signage.

The drawings have a long history: it could be said that the first ones were those found in the Altamira caves. From that moment to the present day, the drawings have been made for a documentary purpose (to record what was happening), technical (for analysis, planning or research), social (for signaling purposes, for example) or aesthetic (for decorative purposes. or as art).

Referring to media or elements we can mention inks and pigments, pencils, pens, pastels, graphite, charcoal, markers and even invisible ink. In terms of materials, we can deal with all kinds of papers, from newsprint to high-end paper for artistic productions.

If we talk about modalities or types, we can refer to various issues: the technical or mechanical drawing that serves to represent parts or machinery, the architectural drawing, which serves to design spaces and buildings, the geodesic drawing, which allows drawing spherical objects, the cartoon, which refers to a television or cinematographic practice of producing multiple drawings so that, projected successively and continuously, they give the illusion of a moving image; vector drawing, a more recent method that is done digitally.

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