definition of disclosure article

A popular article is a generally short writing, which can explain facts, ideas, concepts, ideas and discoveries related to scientific and technological work, which is intended for a more general type of public and not specialized in the subject matter it addresses, although it is interested and that will be disseminated in the written media through a fairly common and accessible language for the average reader.

Brief journalistic writing that explains clearly and in accessible language issues inherent to the fields of technology and science

We must purposely consider that the scientific and technological issues inherent to technical issues usually have a complex language that is only understandable to experts or scholars on the subject, for example, in order to download that important and sensitive information to the common public is that journalism specialized in science and technology uses this vehicle as is the popular article, to publicize relevant information in these fields, and most importantly, that they are understood, that they can be known by the whole public ...

The purpose of the Disclosure Article

Although the popular article focuses its interest on recent scientific discoveries, it is also common that it deals with those theories known and socially accepted by society, such as the "theory of evolution", "the history of astronomy", among others, and explain them in a simple way so that common people understand these issues that are so relevant to the knowledge of the human being and how his evolution was in the world.

As with the traditional news, the popular article is exposed to the same level of assessment and rigor, that is, the topic is selected and an attempt is made to identify a series of variables that we comment on

The current, the next, the shocking, the conflict it presents and the interest it has for the society in which it will be communicated. The sources and all relevant data must be clearly identified, for this it is possible to resort to other articles, the opinion of an expert, the citation of a document, live interviews with those involved, among other resources, and as is usually done with other articles.

Know the profile of those who will access the publication

On the other hand, to achieve the objective that is to inform the reader about a certain topic but through the same vocabulary and without too much scientific eloquence, it is advisable to have an idea formed about the recipients to which the article will be destined. in question, do not overdo adjectives, generate short paragraphs, use punctuation marks, avoid technicalities that generate even more uncertainty, humanize the subject, among the most important options to consider.

Also, since it is information directly related to science or approximates to it, it is that many times drawings, infographics, cartoons, statistical tables are used to enliven and make the explanation more everyday, attractive and entertaining.

Almost all scientific institutes or agencies of the USA They have an area specifically dedicated to scientific dissemination, which of course will have the objective of informing society about the investigations carried out, or about to be carried out.

The importance of the dissemination of scientific topics by communication professionals

There are also scientific journals that publish articles of this type and there are sections in the press that also deal with addressing these issues in a simple and easy way for their readers who are interested in these topics to understand.

On the other hand, the ministries or secretaries that are in charge of managing the scientific and technological policy of a nation have begun some years to carry out this type of disclosure; so it is that they notify the people about research, news and advances in these fields.

This practice encourages people to become interested in these issues, that is, that the state takes care of promoting channels in which everything that happens in the fields of science and technology is informed in a clear and simple way, it will bring the citizen closer to those issues.

Of course, it is important that you do it as much as you do in other issues, a priori considered more entertaining, such as culture or entertainment.

Knowing certain advances or scientific news can help ordinary people to solve problems and also be warned about matters that involve them in some way.

The journalist specialized in science and technology, being a seasoned professional in the area of ​​communication, will know how to communicate effectively and clearly topics in these areas; Scientists, accustomed to difficult words and without that tendency, are not usually good communicators, which is why this work is delegated to journalism.

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