histogram definition

The histogram is that graphical representation of statistics of different types. The usefulness of the histogram has to do with the possibility of establishing in a visual, orderly and easily understandable way all the statistical numerical data that can become difficult to understand. There are many types of histograms and each one adjusts to different needs as well as different types of information.

Histograms are always used by statistical science. Its function is to graphically display numbers, variables and figures so that the results are displayed more clearly and in an orderly fashion. The histogram is always a bar representation and that is why it is important not to confuse it with other types of graphs such as cakes. It is estimated that due to the type of information provided and the way it is arranged, histograms are especially useful and effective for the social sciences since they allow comparing social data such as the results of a census, the number of women and / or or men in a community, the level of illiteracy or infant mortality, etc.

For a histogram there are two types of basic information (which may or may not be complemented according to the complexity of the design): the frequency of the values ​​and the values ​​themselves. Normally, the frequencies are represented on the vertical axis while the values ​​of each of the variables are represented on the horizontal axis (which appear in the histogram as two- or three-dimensional bars).

There are different types of histograms. Simple bar histograms are the most common and used. There are also composite bar histograms that allow you to enter information about two variables. Then there are the bar histograms grouped according to information and finally the frequency polygon and the percentage warhead, both systems normally used by experts. Working with histograms is very simple and will surely provide a better understanding of different types of data and information.

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