definition of trade

It is designated with the term of office to that document, generally used by embassies, ministries, municipalities, schools and government offices among others and whose purpose is to communicate provisions, orders, reports, consultations and on the other hand, to carry out carry out procedures related to agreements, invitations, congratulations, collaboration and gratitude, among the most recurrent. In other words, as can be seen from the definition, a trade turns out to be one of the most formal means of communication at the request of the public sector..

exist two types of office, the multiple office and the transcription office.

The multiple is that document that is used when the same topic or subject is addressed to more than one recipient and that is why the institutions or agencies that send it leave a space blank for the number of the same and the recipient to be included. which is directed. Likewise, these data will serve to streamline the documentation process. Generally, in the multiple office, orders, instructions, recommendations, suggestions and other information are communicated to different offices and offices simultaneously, being directed to subordinates or between bosses who maintain the same hierarchical levels. Two things to keep in mind in this type of trade is that the trade number will be the same for all copies to be distributed and the word distribution must appear in it.

And that of transcription, as its name anticipates, is the office that deals with transcribing the content of the original office as is. All paragraphs must be transcribed as is in the original and using quotation marks. Through this type of document, generally, resolutions, circulars, directives or other information related to the original office are disseminated. As in the previous case, the recipients of this type of office are subordinates or authorities who are at the same hierarchical level.

Among the parts that make up an office are: the letterhead, year name, place and date from where it is written, corresponding numbering, recipient, the subject, writing the word subject in capital letters and indicating a small summary of its content, the reference, the body of the text in which the reason for the communication, a cordial farewell, the signature and post-signature, initials, annex and distribution will be announced.

On the other hand and In a religious context, the set of official prayers of the Latin rite of the Catholic Church outside of Mass and articulated around the canonical hours is popularly called an office.

And finally, another of the uses that is given to the term is as a synonym for profession, since in this way it designates the set of technical teachings that will allow the subsequent performance of a person in some activity, for example, carpentry, among others.

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