definition of public opinion

The concept of public opinion is one that is used to refer to the different forms of expression that a community can have regarding public issues, not private ones. The idea of ​​public opinion has existed for a long time, as long as one talks about the reaction or the way of thinking of the people before certain political, social, economic or cultural events. However, there is no doubt that the importance that this concept has assumed in the last fifty years is greater because new technologies and the appearance of the internet have facilitated and expanded the forms of public expression in front of all kinds of events.

As with many concepts related to the Humanities, the concept of public opinion is an abstract concept that refers to the social phenomenon of expression of a community in the face of different types of circumstances or events. Although in many cases the idea of ​​public opinion is related to political issues and the way in which members of a community view certain public officials, political candidates and government personalities, the truth is that the concept is not limited only to the political sphere and can often demonstrate reaction or ways of thinking to social, economic, cultural events, even in the world known as entertainment or entertainment.

Public opinion has been throughout the 20th century a fundamental element on which political systems base their support force, unlike what happened in other times when the opinion of the people mattered little and nothing. However, with the establishment of democracies or more participatory regimes, public opinion has become an element that cannot be ignored and that all politicians take into account to try to obtain greater support or approval.