definition of interpersonal

Defined in basic terms, the concept 'interpersonal' is used to refer to types of communications, relationships and links that are established between two or more people. The exact opposite condition is that of 'intrapersonal', since this implies phenomena or situations in which a person is in intimate contact with himself instead of opening up to the outside world. Commonly, the term 'interpersonal' is used to indicate capacities of that type that suppose that individuals with interpersonal characteristics have a facility for relating to others and for establishing ties of various kinds with their peers.

Generally, when speaking of an interpersonal condition, it is spoken of under the more specific concept of 'interpersonal intelligence'. We understand by it a capacity that allows the individual to find it easy and accessible to establish relationships of various kinds with other people, be they work colleagues, study colleagues, friends, partners or family. However, having interpersonal skills is not only creating all kinds of links, but also developing with elements that allow us to understand the people around us through numerous feelings, mainly empathy, understanding and accompaniment.

An individual with high interpersonal capacities is one who can connect with the other and based on that connection, establish the corresponding relationship or bond. This makes it possible to know the states of mind, anguish, problems or feelings of a person from the sincere and true knowledge of it.

Undoubtedly, there are people with interpersonal skills who only use them to have a large circle of acquaintances or colleagues and do not intend to truly develop the bond. This is especially visible in work environments where having a circle of support and acquaintances is an important strategy to succeed and gain positions within a company or corporation.

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