definition of awareness

We understand by raising awareness of any act that means making a person aware of certain circumstances, phenomena, elements of their personality or attitude, to improve their quality of life and their links not only with the rest of the individuals but also with the surrounding environment.

Action that seeks to make someone aware of certain issues of their own or of the environment based on dialogue and reflection

The idea of ​​making someone aware always has a positive meaning since it is assumed that by carrying out such an action, one is making the other person, the one who is made aware, to put aside impulsive, unconscious attitudes or formulas, to start to use their level of maturity and intelligence for their own good and that of others.

In order to achieve the desired positive effect, it is essential to use dialogue and reflection to make a person aware of a certain topic.

It can be said that someone will be aware of something when they get an idea of ​​the scope and consequences that their actions and others will have ...

Of course, those who do not take that attitude, and on the contrary, are superficial in the face of any matter, it will be impossible for them to be sensitized to any cause.

The importance of maturity

On the other hand, it is important to say that awareness of something demands a certain level of maturity on the part of the person, that is, if someone is not mature enough, due to an age issue for example, it will be very difficult to raise awareness, or For now, greater efforts will have to be made to understand it.

For example, a child is not at all aware of money, and of what it means to spend everything one has to satisfy a luxury instead of using it to satisfy basic needs.

That awareness of money and other situations and vicissitudes of life will take them as an adult, with maturity, experience and learning, at that age the only thing that matters is playing and having fun, and there is no awareness for anything of that kind of things and much less of those associated with tragic issues such as death.

For example, awareness is closely related to maturity and growth. When we build our personality it is important that we be aware of who we are and what we do, and how those actions affect others.

Assuming the reality that one has, the one that has to live, implies knowing that there will be positive and beautiful things but also ugly and unpleasant things that must be passed and overcome in order to move forward.

An essential attitude to grow

On many occasions knowing, making decisions, taking charge of facts, among others, hurts, causes stress, anger, but it is worse not to do so. Having and becoming aware is essential to develop ourselves in life and also when making good decisions about our future.

If we start from the fact that the human being is the only conscious being, the only one who has developed an abstract and overcoming level of intelligence, it is easy to understand that the idea of ​​making someone aware is in a certain sense metaphorical and that it means making that person, that for a certain matter you are behaving in an unconscious or irrational way, change that position.

It is common for the term awareness to be used in relation to circumstances or elements that have to do with social coexistence and also with the environment.

Thus, it can be said that a person is made aware of the danger that crossing a street with a green light can represent for their integrity because a car can run over them. In this way, the person is prevented from doing it and the possibility of an accident is reduced.

It is also common to say that someone becomes aware of the importance of caring for and protecting the environment: this awareness or awareness supposes to stop consuming products that are harmful to it, and improve the relationship that one can maintain with it. Awareness can be your own, that is, generated by yourself, or it can also be generated by external stimuli.