job definition

We understand by job to what is both metaphorically and concretely the space that one occupies in a company, institution or entity developing some type of activity or job with which they can earn a living since they receive a specific salary or salary for it. The job is also what is offered and what one looks for in the classifieds.

The notion of job begins perhaps in modern history, with the results of the Industrial Revolution and the creation of factories or industries that require unfamiliar or known labor, unlike what happened so far with large workshops or even with rural work. The job is, then, an abstract concept that implies the activity for which one is hired and from which they will receive a salary that has been specifically designated according to the effort, the number of hours, the need for knowledge, the danger posed by work, etc.

The workplace can also refer to the specific place or space in which the person must carry out their activity, for example a desk in an office, a bar, a mine, etc. In this job, most of the time the person will have to share their time with colleagues or colleagues who will carry out the same task and with whom some kind of friendship or solidarity relationship will probably be consolidated. In any case, there are many jobs that, due to their implications, do not allow the person to establish social ties since they are solitary or indefinite jobs.

Nowadays, the notion of a job has changed a lot compared to other times due to the changes in the job needs that many companies and factories have, as well as the new employment possibilities that arise with media such as the internet.