formula definition

A formula is a practical method of solving an issue, giving instructions, or expressing an operation in the scientific field.

One of the most recognized fields for the use of formulas is that of chemistry and physics. For chemical scientists, a formula allows solving operations and regulating conventions when putting substances and materials into interaction. The typical chemical formula is composed of symbols and indices that correspond to the elements that compose it. There are chemical formulas well known to the general public, for example that of water, which is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen. To formulate a compound, the systematic, Stock, or traditional nomenclature method can be used.

The use of formulas in scientific research scenarios allows sharing a standard method that ensures the arrival of the same type of results in a regulated and more or less predictable way. New formulas appear and are constantly agreed upon, and there is a series of conventional formulas that serve as a reference for both minor and highly complex investigations.

In mathematics, the formula is the formal syntactic modality that expresses a proposition of this science. The most common mathematical formulas are those that are made up of constant symbols, function symbols, and relationship symbols.

Another very common case of formula is the case of the magisterial, one that is used in the preparation of pharmaceutical compounds. These types of drugs are intended for individual patients due to their special conditions or needs. The compound is prepared by an accredited pharmacist, and must comply with a medical prescription of the medicinal substances that compose it, the technical and scientific standards followed and must also be provided in a pharmacy with the proper authorization and information to the buyer.

These formulas can only be carried out by a professional pharmacist, and they constitute one of the most key aspects of their profession. The medication that arises as a result is tailored to the patient, sometimes due to suffering from some rare or rare condition for which medications are not easily available.

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