definition of sustainable

The concept of sustainable is a relatively new concept that comes from the environmental field but can be linked to many areas such as social, economic and even political. Sustainable is an adjective of a qualifying type that is used to designate those practices or methodologies that put their main attention on caring for the environment but that at the same time can be feasible in economic terms and that can mean profound changes in the way in which society interacts with the environment.

Caring for the environment and the debates around this problem are relatively recent and it was not until a couple of years ago that the concept of sustainability and sustainable practices appeared in everyday vocabulary. For specialists in these issues, the damage and destruction that humans have caused on nature and the environment are already unsustainable and undeniable, so it is urgent to create new practices that allow us to maintain our quality of life without causing further damage. deep to the planet. To a large extent, this idea arises from the notion that the current quality of life of the human being can hardly go back to moments in which nature had not been altered, for which it is necessary to look for a system that allows to maintain that style of life without directly harming the environment.

Thus arises the notion of sustainability or sustainable development, one that implies or supposes that human beings can perfectly coexist with the environment in which they live without radically or damagingly transforming it. Sustainable development implies, among other things, the use of renewable resources such as wind or water, in such a way that the energy generated for a community does not come from non-renewable or polluting materials such as oil. In addition, sustainable development assumes that the community between human beings and the environment is possible as long as the activities that the first develops on the environment do not imply systematic damage to it.

On the other hand, sustainable development is related to economic aspects since it implies the elaboration of consumption and resource use strategies that can be accessible to all communities, as happens, for example, with fair and local trade practices. At the political level, sustainable development is understood as the responsibility not only of individuals, organizations or companies but mainly of measures and strategies taken by States that seek to establish better ways of coexistence with the environment and that can be carried out from the destination. of logical presuppositions to such questions.