definition of terrestrial ecosystem

A ecosystem is that community that make up a series of living beings that interact with each other and the natural environment in which they live and unfold in such a way, while the terrestrial ecosystem is characterized by being the one found on the earth's surface.

In other words, the terrestrial ecosystem is located on a particular piece of land and living beings and the environment coexist that will need the soil and also the air in order to survive and develop.

Meanwhile, as the ecosystem that concerns us develops in the soil, its content will be subject to a series of climatic and spatial conditions, such as temperature, humidity, altitude and latitude, which will certainly affect its development and quality. .

Now, it is important that we emphasize that terrestrial ecosystems with greater biodiversity are possible when the conditions mentioned are characterized by being very humid, warm and both altitude and latitude are at the lowest marks.

There are various terrestrial ecosystems where the aforementioned state will be more and less exposed, for example in forests it is where biodiversity is best expressed, its counterpoint being the desert, where finding this situation is practically impossible due to its intrinsic characteristics. the aridity, the lack of water and therefore the survival of the fauna and flora is complicated as a result of these circumstances.

In another type of terrestrial ecosystem such as the tundra, which has been close to the polar latitudes and in the higher areas, the temperature will be very low almost all year round and this will make the tree practically non-existent.

On the other hand, in the taiga, the climatic conditions are like in the tundra, but here it is possible for coniferous trees to grow.

It is worth mentioning that the species of animals and flora present in each terrestrial ecosystem have characteristics that allow them to survive in them. Meanwhile, if unexpected changes occur and there is no possibility of adaptation, the species will die.