task definition

The term task is used to designate that work and work that generally demands a certain effort on the part of the person who carries it out and that will be carried out for a limited time, that is, there is a time limit for its completion..

Work that involves effort and is done in a given time

The origin of the word comes from the Arabic language, more precisely from the word tariha, which just means task or work.

We can distinguish the tasks between those that are carried out in a compulsory way, that is, due to an obligation, and those that are done out of desire, for pleasure, and that are normally part of our recreational activity.

Anyway we must say that the usual thing is that the concept is used to refer to those tasks that are carried out by obligation.

Organization and rationalization of time

To carry out any task, the organization will be essential, that priorities are established in order to give what is most important a primary treatment.

The correct administration of the times available to carry them out and that they are carried out efficiently and in the expected times is also relevant, which is why the determination of priorities is very important in this regard.

Meanwhile, in everyday life and also depending on one's age, human beings almost always perform different tasks.

Housework, school and manuals

When they marry, or failing that they leave the parents' house on the occasion of the arrival of the independence of the family, men and women carry out what is called housework, which are those that will be carried out with the mission of take care of the home in which one lives, among them the following stand out: cooking, washing clothes, dishes, ironing, caring for children, shopping.

In the past and until a few decades ago, this type of task was practically entirely destined for women, since they did not have to go out to work as men did, they had to stay at home and take care of everything they did. the same per se was needed, such as cleaning it, but they also had to take care of those who lived in it, the husband, the children, among others.

However, currently, this situation is practically non-existent since both men and women work at the same time and therefore this type of tasks have become shared Or, to the extent of the possibilities of each one, it is common for a person to be hired to perform them, because neither of them is at home long enough to do them.

Another very common task is School task, which is one that teachers assign to students at school so that they can carry it out there individually or in groups, with the aim of reinforcing the knowledge learned in class or starting new ones.

In the aforementioned assignment, teachers ensure that students put their intellect into practice by solving problems, finding out data, making arguments, practicing readings, analyzing sentences, among other activities.

Homework is essential for students to fix the knowledge learned.

Normally, the teacher indicates to his students the task to complete and once it is done in the proposed times he will correct it by assigning a grade.

The grade is very important for the teacher and the student because it will allow to determine if the knowledge has been correctly learned, or not, and if then it is necessary to delve further into the practice.

And finally we meet the manual or craft tasks which are those that are characterized because their realization will be carried out through the hands, for example, painting a picture, knitting a sweater. Due to this question of being directly elaborated by human hands and not by a machine, these tasks have a special added value when it comes to marketing.

Thus, a garment or artisan product usually has a much higher monetary value than a piece that has been mass-produced by a machine.

Although at one time the famous series production brought changes and benefits, today, there is a resurgence and a super appreciation of the pieces that were made by hand.

It is assumed that when an element is manufactured by the hand of man and not by a machine it will enjoy small details and the soul that its creator prints on it, something that of course does not happen when it is a machine that carries out the creation of something , consisting basically of an automatic operation.