definition of northern

The term northern is used to refer to everything relative or typical of northern.

While, the north or in more popular terms, the north, is he cardinal point that indicates, on a meridian, the direction towards the North Pole. The north is one of the four cardinal points, which is located diametrically opposite to that of the south point.

In the northern hemisphere, the north coincides with the point on the horizon whose perpendicular line passes through the Pole Star.

In addition to being northern, this direction can be called boreal.

The origin of the term Septentrión is found in the Latin language, deriving it from the word septentrio - onis, referring to septem, seven and onis ox. In times of the Roman Empire, the Romans called the seven stars septentrium (seven oxen) that make up the constellation popularly called The Chariot, recognized as the tail and legs of the Big Dipper. This people decided to call it that because they believed that the seven oxen were constantly pulling the celestial sphere, making it rotate on the axis that passes through the Pole Star. Despite the centuries, there was not much variation and the concept is still used to refer to the same thing.

The location of the North orientation has been a very important finding, especially for travelers, since it served as a location reference point to later find and determine the rest of the cardinal points.

The cartography places the north at the top of the maps. North America and North Korea are in the northern location.