definition of equity

The Equity is that quality that in whoever has it will move him to give each one what he deserves and corresponds.

Quality of giving each one what is due. Synonym of justice

Mostly, it is a term that is used in relation to the Justice, as it will involve the impartiality in carrying out a deal or a deal. Even many times both concepts, equity and justice are often used as synonyms.

Equity is considered as the representation of the balance between natural justice and positive law.

As it is a disposition in the minds of individuals, whoever possesses it will tend to judge impartially in those matters that request him to intervene and to grant each individual what corresponds to him at the moment in which he requests it.

For there to be justice in effect, there must be a sense of proportionality and it is precisely here that the concept that concerns us appears, equity, which implies the granting of balance.

A position will be equitable if it proposes a proportional valuation to the intervening parties, that is, if it does not tip the balance in favor of one side or the other, with the idea of ​​obtaining some benefit from doing so.

Equity is a relevant issue that serves a great deal to establish a conforming order in the relationships that people maintain. And of course, due to its importance, it will always be necessary to aspire to achieve it at any cost, proposing channels of dialogue, proposing alternatives that converge precisely in achieving a fairer context for all humans, without distinctions of any kind.

Establish standards that guarantee it

In order to achieve equity in effect and concretely, it will be essential to establish norms that mark and defend the equality of people, a fact that implies that those who sometimes suffer inequality can be repaired and be on equal terms with the rest, but normally this is achieved thanks to to the written law established by competent authorities that defend this situation.

Meanwhile, equity is a quality that not all of us have, but its development will have a lot to do with the example and experience received from the environment, mainly.

In any case, we should all aspire to achieve it in order to live better and more justly both ourselves and our neighbors in the different aspects and moments that life has.

Economy: Distribution of wealth

In financial matters, the presence of equity will guarantee a fair distribution of wealth between the members of society and therefore any government that works oriented towards the achievement of the common good should aspire to that.

Also, a fair justice will guarantee due and correct process for all individuals, regardless of their origins, status or economic position.

When equity is not fulfilled, we will be faced with a situation of iniquity or injustice, that is, the other side of equity is the lack of justice in some aspect.

Gender equity: situation of equality between men and women in every aspect and context

For its part, the gender equality It is that position that strictly defends equality between men and women with regard to the use and control of the goods and services of a society.

Gender equity promotes the equal treatment of both genders, female and male, with regard to the development of an activity, profession, opportunity, among others.

It should always be a goal to achieve equity between men and women, because where there is none, of course, there will be iniquity and discrimination for some of them as a counterpart, the female gender being almost always the harmed by a question if you want to. tradition, since historically women knew how to be relegated and occupy a second place with respect to men.

For centuries he was forbidden to hold public office, perform certain professions and even comment on sensitive issues.

Over time this changed and today the reality is different, fortunately, with women occupying the highest executive positions in a nation, but we must say that there is still more equality between both genders to be achieved.