definition of teaching

The term teach is a verb that refers to one of the most important acts that human beings can perform. Teaching is what allows someone to show something. In the strict sense of action, something is taught when it is shown to him, for example if we say "he showed him the way." But in a more abstract and metaphorical sense, the act of teaching is one in which one person transmits a knowledge, a value, an attitude to another.

Currently, the term teaching is closely linked to the educational act that takes place in school, between teachers and students. This act of teaching is limited in most cases to the simple transmission of knowledge since it starts from the idea that there is someone superior (the teacher) in the relationship and someone inferior (the student) who must be educated, taught and molded. This unequal relationship is also hierarchical because it assumes that only the teaching adult can transmit knowledge, teach. Furthermore, the act of teaching is not based on the transmission of values ​​or deeper teachings but simply blocks of knowledge.

Outside this area, informal education also involves teaching acts, which in this case can be multidirectional and not unilateral. This means that in a friendship relationship, all those who are part of it can teach values, behaviors and attitudes to others. At the same time, informal education is not limited to knowledge but is based on teaching from a more spiritual, social and moral point of view.

Practically everything we do has to do with the act of teaching since we are constantly involved in situations in which we receive some kind of teaching, no matter how insignificant it may be (for example, when a person teaches us their true personality through acts). We are also the ones who constantly teach, because with our attitudes, behaviors, ways of thinking and expressing ourselves we can represent something worthy of being learned by others. Thus, teaching and the act of teaching are essential in the life of any human being living in society.