definition of threat

The term threat is a word that is used to refer to the risk or possible danger that a situation, an object or a specific circumstance may entail for the life, of oneself or of third parties. The threat can be understood as a danger that is latent, that has not yet been triggered, but that serves as a warning to prevent or to present the possibility that it does. The term is often used when it is said that a certain product or certain situation is a threat to life as well as when someone voluntarily threatens another person with acting in a certain way to their detriment.

The threat is understood as the announcement that something bad or dangerous can happen. A threat can be a toxic product that looms as a threat to those who use it, as well as a natural phenomenon that looms in a region and that appears as a threat to its well-being or comfort. In this sense, it is important to point out then, in order to understand the concept of threat, that it always has a more or less defined recipient, which it endangers or which it may eventually affect if the threat becomes a reality.

Usually, the threat is something that can also be generated by the human being against another human being. This is so since in social coexistence many different types of conflicts can arise and thus then people seek to defend their rights by threatening others with harming them. Threats can be informal, such as promising to act in some way if a certain attitude is not changed, as well as formal, for example when terrorist groups or criminals make a threat to comply with their typical actions if a certain circumstance is not changed. The possibility of this threat being fulfilled depends on each particular case.