definition of cultural

The cultural term is one that is used as a qualifying adjective to designate all the facts, events, situations, objects or characters that are related to the framework of culture understood in a broad spectrum. If we take into account that almost all human inventions can be considered cultural, the adjective could be applied to many phenomena or elements. However, in general, it is used to refer to events or items understood as artistic or out of the ordinary, technical and everyday.

Unlike other living beings, the human being has managed to develop culture. We understand by culture all those elements, phenomena or situations that are created or generated from intelligence, the use of reason and knowledge that generation after generation is passed on as inheritance. Culture is not related, for example, to instinct, organic needs or sensations at the bodily level, but is directly linked to the use of reason, to feelings at an emotional or mental level, to the awareness that one is you are doing something for a specific reason.

Thus, we must consider cultural all the elements that are part of a specific culture and that give it its most characteristic features. Throughout the history and the extension of the planet we can find numerous different types of culture that arise and develop in relation to the environment that surrounds them, with the specific vicissitudes of each era, with the interests and needs of the people who they compose them. Each culture, each society, each community creates its own cultural patterns that will then be representatives of the feeling, thinking and way of understanding the world of each group of human beings.