definition of consolidate

The word consolidate is what is used to refer to a certain type of action. Consolidating is nothing more than giving something firmness, rigidity, durability, which is why the term as a verb can be used in very different and diverse spaces. Consolidate comes from the idea of ​​consolidation, consolidation in specific terms is nothing more than the transformation of something into something more solid and firm. It is important not to confuse the verb consolidate with solidify, since the latter refers to the process of transferring from one state of matter to another.

The word consolidate is generally used in an abstract or metaphorical sense and is used regularly to refer to phenomena of this type. For example, there is no talk of consolidating a cake or consolidating a car, but it is common to say, for example, that a government, an institution, a family or a project was consolidated. Consolidation is therefore not something that can be seen clearly and specifically, but is normally understood as an abstract and not a concrete process.

If it is understood that the concept of consolidation or consolidation takes time and that it is not something immediate, it is possible to understand at the same time why this term is used in situations or for abstract phenomena. This is so because if we say that a friendship was consolidated, for example, it is understood that such a process took time and was not something sudden or momentary. If it were said that a cake was consolidated, this idea of ​​process would not be implied. In this sense, this is why the word consolidate always supposes the exercise of establishing something (some type of phenomenon or process) with strong and lasting bases so that it is not easily destroyed.

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