definition of reception

Reception is a term that has different meanings, that is, it has a polysemic character.

Understanding as the arrival of a thing

The noun reception refers to the action of receiving something. Thus, it is possible to speak of the reception of a message, of a package or even of the reception of a ball in the football context. In this sense, there are three aspects that are part of the reception process: the sender who sends something, the receiver who receives it and the specific fact of receiving it. This procedure is apparently simple, but in reality it has a certain complexity (for example, a complex organizational system is involved in receiving a package). It should be borne in mind that reception is a synonym for admission or entry, very common terms in certain work environments (for example, the reception of goods in a restaurant or a warehouse).

Space to gather people

A reception is a place designed to welcome people. When the clients of a hotel arrive at the establishment, they go to the reception, in which there is a worker who welcomes them, the receptionist, the professional in charge of informing and attending to the client. These types of places also exist in other dependencies (at the entrance of some buildings, in public or private entities, hospitals, hairdressers ...). The reception has a strategic sense, since it is the location where information related to an entity is obtained.

A reception is also an event that is organized with the purpose of bringing together a number of people. These types of circumstances are usually related to a festive act, a celebration or a tribute. In the context of political and institutional relations, we speak of the official reception, an event that is part of the state's protocol. An official reception is a ceremonial act in which respect is shown to a visitor or a group, that is, it is a way of welcoming them with consideration.

Receive or receive

The noun reception corresponds to the verb to receive, although some dictionaries do not include this word and there are even those who consider that the correct thing to do is to use the verb to receive. Receive is a very widespread verb form in the administrative sphere and it is a relatively recent term, a neologism, which is not properly a synonym of receive. In this way, it would not be correct to say "I have received the gift of my parents" but it should be said "I have received the gift of my parents".

Receive and receive are similar but not interchangeable. To receive is to input something and make some verification about it, while receiving does not imply any verification.