definition of philanthropist

A philanthropist is understood to be any individual who feels and manifests pure and total love for Humanity. The etymology of the term philanthropist explains that in Greek philos means love and anthropos means being human, man, for which the concept would read "love to man, to human being". The condition of philanthropist is not something that is achieved from the realization of a career or a profession, but especially from the acts and deeds that one carries out every day that demonstrate that love for all Humanity.

Normally it is understood that a philanthropist is a person who feels great love for Humanity understood as the group of men. This then does not mean that philanthropy is an exclusive profession or type of work, but rather that someone who is also a doctor, an employee or even a student can be a philanthropist. Philanthropy supposes the clear and direct action that aims to change the world for the better in order to benefit that Humanity that is loved so much. Obviously, there are many ways in which this can be achieved, but usually philanthropy is demonstrated through collaboration in humanitarian non-governmental organizations whose main objective is to improve the quality of life of people who suffer or are deeply deprived.

Although anyone can be a philanthropist, it is also important to point out that being an activity that does not give any economic return, it is common to find many millionaire philanthropists who can dedicate their time to such activities since they do not need to occupy their days with extensive and demanding jobs. In general, these philanthropists, in addition to collaborating, often make large donations of money to organizations, projects and campaigns, as well as use their fame and their arrival in different sectors of the planet to help raise more funds.