definition of teaser

The teaser, also known by its name in Spanish intrigue campaign, it's a type of format that has become fashionable in recent years, in the field of advertising first, and then also due to its good reception, it was extended to media such as television and cinema, which is used especially as a prior, advance, of an advertising campaign, linked to a product or service, and that stands out for offering the public fragmented information, which inevitably ends up giving the recipient a state of utmost intrigue, which will make them anxiously await the arrival of the information or the complete product.

Advertising format imposed on advertising, film, television and music, through which the arrival of a product or work is announced without talking about its content or brand and appealing to intrigue

In other words, we could say in very colloquial terms that the teaser is a lure to attract the audience, the public, and consumers, as appropriate.

One of the recurring conditions of this type of ad is pose as an enigma the issue in question, the identity of the advertiser and not even that of the product is revealed.

An enigma with which to trap the public

Very little is revealed in the teaser, posing the message as an enigma to clearly arouse curiosity and expectation in users or viewers, and of course it takes advantage of the enormous diffusion offered by media such as the internet, cinema and television.

In other words, the objective is to ensure the repercussion in the media before it is well known what it is about.

The duration is very short when it comes to an audiovisual teaser, between 30 and 60 seconds approximately, and nothing of the content of the film or the product will be told, what is sought is to let everyone know that the premiere of the film is coming. tape or a new product launch and not what it's about.

Although the services and products make use of this type of technique, it has also become a very popular strategy within the film industry to promote the films to come, especially those most anticipated and that have a notable budget, as we indicated above, the famous blockbusters that behind have a fantastic production and a millionaire promotion budget.

In this case, the main thing is not to tell the future viewer about the plot of the film but rather to put it in cars near the premiere.

Even a professional experienced in this type of production is even hired to produce it, which speaks of the availability of a good budget behind it.

A common resource for today's blockbuster movies

On the other hand and very curiously, movie teasers are usually broadcast even when the film has not been finished filming or is in the editing process and then it is possible that they include materials that will not directly be seen in the film or alternative versions of some scenes that will be seen.

In those more pretentious cases and of course in which the pocket is too bulky, such is the case of the big producers, the teaser images are created only for it.

In addition to the theaters, the teasers can be seen on the internet where it is even possible to download them.

Also, in the field of video game, the teaser technique is usually used and the intention is the same as that used for the cinema or for the promotion of products and services, generating expectation in consumers and anticipating an imminent premiere.

Video game festivals are usually the venues in which video game teasers are generally presented in society.

In the event that the sale of a brand or a product or service is proposed, the teasers are made as advertisements in which the brand is not directly displayed, for example, the logo of the same will not be displayed or anything that allow to recognize it; A suggestive text is usually placed that arouses curiosity and the interest of the public that is left thinking about who it is.

Normally it is done through posters, panels on public roads, in graphic media, among others.

The music industry also uses them through the public showing of the artists' song previews.