definition of literary resources

Literary resources are the set of techniques, figures of speech and stylistic approaches that a writer uses to create a literary work. Keep in mind that every writer seeks to communicate and, at the same time, do it in a beautiful and creative way.

Literary resources are the different ways of combining words and creating your own narrative style

Literary devices are used in all literary genres, although it is in poetry where they are most widely used, since poetic language does not simply aspire to describe a reality but to beauty itself.

The list of rhetorical figures is very broad, but it is worth mentioning some of the most significant. Anaphora consists of the repetition of one or more words. In alliteration, repetition manifests itself in sound. Hyperbole has an exaggerated dimension. The metaphor is based on the similarity between two terms, something similar to what happens with metonymy. Through irony the opposite of what is thought is expressed. This brief brushstroke of rhetorical figures should not make us forget that there are many that exist: paradox, synecdoche, periphrasis, sarcasm, oxymoron, ellipsis ... Each of them uses a different "formula", that is, a way of combine words for language enrichment.

Complementary resources

Although rhetorical figures are the fundamental elements of the set of literary devices, there are other aspects of language that serve as necessary instruments for creation. In the first place, the knowledge of grammar as a general structure (its rules, different levels of language, etc.). And there are also complementary elements that are part of the resources of literature: knowledge of the etymology of words, their semantic value, the correct use of the different punctuation marks, the use of synonyms, etc. These instruments may seem less relevant than figures of speech, but they are essential to convey ideas without sacrificing the aesthetic value of language.

Just as a painter uses tools to create, the writer also needs a wide range of instruments. All instruments are at the service of words, which in turn are aimed at describing a reality or expressing feelings in a suggestive artistic way.

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