definition of social practice

Every human being lives integrated in the context of a group, is part of a specific society marked by a culture. Every culture has its own norms, that is, habitual behaviors that have a specific meaning within that culture but that have no value in another cultural group.

In this way, we can speak of social practices to refer to this type of behavior socially accepted by a group of individuals. Occasionally, opposition that a social practice that is valid for one culture can be rejected by another.

The culture and ways of handling that one learns

This nuance shows how it influences the perception personal, education received. Social practices show the power of tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation. For a social practice to be consolidated it is important that years pass. However, that does not mean that a social practice will be eternal if we take into account that there are customs that come to an end because in the current context they are interpreted with a perspective totally different.

The codes of each society

Each society has its own codes, that is, its social practices that provide moments of illusion and special experiences to citizens. From an emotional point of view, it is very gratifying to travel frequently to see other cultures since traveling is a positive habit to have an open mind, that is, to discover that there is no single way of doing things but that there are different points of sight. Learning about other cultures is a good tip of overcoming personal to internalize values ​​that add well-being regardless of their origin.

Knowing a company implies attending to its customs, its traditions and its festivals. These external factors interact individually with each human being that is part of a group. Undoubtedly, a human being can individually go against traditions or be in favor. It is positive to have a personal criterion to reflect on social practices in an external way since something does not have to be valid for the simple fact that the majority does.

Expressions that manifest identity

In conclusion, it should be remembered that practices Social are the way in which a society is structured through norms and customs. These traditions bring a sense of group to a unified community through these practices. Social practices show precisely that human beings are social by nature.

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