definition of gratitude

The gratitude is he feeling of gratitude that is normally experienced as a result of having received from someone something that was expected or needed, of having been helped in some difficult circumstance, among other situations.

Feeling of remarkable gratitude that someone shows towards another who helped them in a complex circumstance

When someone does something for us, that attitude, behavior, generates enormous satisfaction, very pleasant of course, this triggers the feeling of gratitude, because that favor or benefit obtained is positively valued.

Meanwhile, there are various ways of expressing it, the most common is through the expression of the popular "thank you", with a gift, a gesture, a smile, a hug, a kiss, among the most common.

So, mostly, it is a feeling that emerges in human beings when some favor or benefit received from someone is estimated.

This favor is considered of great help because it normally assists in a complex, difficult or conflictive situation, for example, a co-worker who replaces us due to the impossibility of going to work because our daughter got sick.

Or simply someone does something that favors us and it awakens gratitude.

Also, a typical consequence of this feeling is that of the need to reciprocate in some way to that favor or help received, as mentioned above.

Main expressions of gratitude

Thus, a simple oral manifestation can be expressed, saying thanks for this or that thing, writing a note expressing the enormous satisfaction that one has for having been the depositary of such action, a telephone call can also be mediated in the same sense.

Other recurring ways of thanking are making a gift, giving a hug, a handshake, a kiss, or if necessary, returning the same kindness when necessary.

Every day we come across situations that awaken in us the need to thank the other and so there are very common expressions that we use in addition to the famous thank you, such is the case of: “very kind, I thank you very much, you didn't need to take so much trouble ”, among others.

We must say that when someone does something for us, we must be grateful in any way that we want, but we must be grateful because otherwise we would be very rude and we would look very bad with that person, very badly educated.

There are people who by nature are grateful when someone has good gestures, and also in general in life, with the good things that happen to them, and for example, when something nice happens to them they thank life for being alive, having a job, family, Health.

People with a negative profile do not usually have this way and are not prone to gratitude.

Religion: the faithful thank their god for everything that happens to them because they consider him responsible for it

On the other hand, the word gratitude is a term that has a special presence in the field of religion, since in this context it turns out to be a frequent practice, that the believer, the faithful, thanks through a prayer, or a Informal chat with his god for having granted him some request, wish, or directly for everything they have because they consider that this is the result of the action of God, among others.

This generates in the faithful a tremendous commitment of gratitude to God, because he considers that everything he has in life is owed to him.

Very believing people every time they sit at the table to eat and before eating a bite to thank God for the food they can have on the table.

For religion, the lack of gratitude to God is a clear indication of a faith that is not strong.

It should be noted that the word is in relation to other concepts that can be used as synonyms of the term in question and vice versa, such is the case of: gratitude, correspondence, appreciation ....

Meanwhile, gratitude is opposed to the concepts of ungratefulness and ingratitude, which precisely suppose the opposite, which is the absence of that feeling of gratitude, even and despite having received a show of affection, help, among other possibilities.

Likewise, gratitude or the absence of it is usually associated with the lack of education of a person, that is, who does not know how to thank someone who helps him, who gives him a hand in some matter is absolutely rude.