definition of inevitable

The word inevitable is used in our language to refer to that which cannot be avoided, that is, we use it especially associated with a fact, event or event that cannot or could not be avoided. It was inevitable that the ceiling would come off completely after the explosion.

It is worth mentioning that when some event is said to be or was inevitable, it is because beyond what was done or is done to prevent or prevent it, it happens anyway, that is, nothing can stop its event and it will happen to despite everything that is done so that it does not happen.

There are many situations and things that in this life are inevitable, although, there is one that is most associated with this issue of not avoidable and that is death. Death is a circumstance of human life to which no one can escape and at some point it will happen, sooner or later, caused by an illness or an accident but it will happen yes or yes. For this reason it is common that in colloquial language the phrase is used: the only thing that is inevitable is death itself.

Synonyms commonly used in place of this term are: inescapable and inexcusableHowever, it should be noted that the most widespread use when it comes to wanting to refer to what is impossible to avoid is the word at hand.

On the other hand, in the field of music, the word inevitable is the title of one of the most popular songs of the Colombian singer Shakira.

This topic is contained in the second studio album by the singer-songwriter, named Where are the Thieves? , which dates from 1998 and is also the singer's best-selling album.

The song is framed within the current of pop rock ballads, since it has a combination of both genres. At times it is a typical ballad and in some passages the force of rock explodes. The lyrics address the theme of heartbreak while the author assumes the various and various defects that she presents in her life.