definition of curriculum

It is known as Curriculum vitae to that document in which a person dumps all their academic, work and personal experiences and that is normally used in case of wanting to make a spontaneous presentation in a company, institution or organization in which they aspire to work Or in the event that the person is responding to a job notice offered, the curriculum vitae becomes something like that person's cover letter in which the succinct information that is exposed there will serve so that, for example, the company who is looking for a professional who fits his profile can take him into account as a possible candidate.

From a few years ago to the present and anywhere in the world, the Curriculum Vitae has become the most important tool that a person has when looking for a job and an exclusive step that all those looking for a job must watch.

Although there is no single model to follow when preparing resumes, generally, the data that should never be lacking in a curriculum and therefore the information that must appear there if or yes is the one that refers to personal data and Particular signs of a person such as: their name and surname, their age, marital status, date of birth, some definitions about their physical appearance, in those cases that warrant it, then a good part should be dedicated to the studies that have been completed, as well as the establishments in which they were completed because in many cases these are usually decisive when deciding to hire a person.

Following this and in case you are not looking for your first job, you should allocate a space to indicate and list the work experience with which you have so far, that is, you must place the company, the position and the functions that were deployed at each opportunity.

And although there is no law that governs it, but there are conventions, what is usually done to organize and dump all the information that refers to the work and academic background is to place them from the oldest to the most recent, so the person who reads it Generally, the person in charge of human resources of the company knows what is the most immediate work experience or the last study that the person aspiring to a job carried out.