definition of being human

Thinking, loving, reflecting, creating, interacting with peers and other species, reading, writing, creating thought systems, religious doctrines, are some of the most important actions that arise in the mind of any person when the concept at hand is mentioned. in this review: being human.

From a biological point of view, a human being is designated as that animal species linked to homo sapiens, but whose main characteristics and differences with respect to the rest of the species, all inferior, is that the human being, unlike these, can carry out operations such as thinking or speaking and also, strictly bodily, it presents both externally and internally, a very important evolution with respect to the rest of the species.

Homo Sapiens

Homo sapiens belongs to a line of primates known as hominoids, which evolutionarily differentiated many years ago in Africa and from that ancestor the hominid family arose.

So, the main difference that this homo sapiens presented with respect to the rest of the species, therefore, the designation of sapiens that refers to wise, is that The human being is a rational animal, it can perform very complex conceptual and symbolic operations, including the use of really sophisticated linguistic systems, abstract reasoning, introspection and speculation capacities.

The relevance of reason in the evolution of the human being

The reason then is what allowed the human being to make that qualitative leap and become in some way the master of the world we inhabit, because precisely thanks to it he was able to materialize the organization of the world in which he lives, not only in the practical aspects but also in the mental plane, something unprecedented until him because the rest of the species and living organisms have already been proven that they cannot specify.

Let's go to those specific issues that human beings have known how to organize and implement and that are ultimately the ones that marked their superiority over the rest of living beings and, on the other hand, their total domination of the planet ...

The human being knew how to organize himself territorially, and from this he began to divide the different tasks that each pair, based on capacities and genders, had to deploy to add to the created community.

At another point in that maximum organization that he knew how to develop, the human being, was in charge of thinking about laws, norms that would guarantee a harmonious and just life in community and was also in charge of proposing policies, as a good political animal that he is, in order to specify more specific developments that make life in society.

Also that capacity for reflection that among other issues he knew how to apply in himself helped him to think better alternatives for the future or improve some proposals from the past so that they work satisfactorily in the time to come.

And language undoubtedly turned out to be fundamental, because without that possibility of communicating in an orderly and conventional manner with their peers, to decide policies, laws, systems, they would not have been able to achieve as much progress as they have harvested over time.

Many studies that have been done regarding this fundamental leap that gave rise to the human being indicate that these rational possibilities could be due to a neurological reason: the increase in brain size and especially the extreme development that the frontal lobe suffered.

As we mentioned, human beings, despite their similarity to other higher mammals, possesses the highest level of complexity and specialization. Each organ, each tissue, each system of the body of a human being are interrelated and this is what gives it that balance necessary to develop all that we mentioned above.

Meanwhile, with regard to its capacity for movement and locomotion, also the human being, is one of the most developed and plastic in the animal kingdom, given that can display an infinite range of movements, which also enable him to develop activities such as dance, sports, performing arts, among others.

And with regard to its life cycle, the human being is among all the multicellular animals that exist today, one of the longest living species. Today the life expectancy of human beings is so extended that there have even been cases of people who have exceeded the hundred-year barrier, something unthinkable a few decades ago.

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