definition of homo sapiens

Homo Sapiens is the scientific name that is given to the human race, which constitutes a particular type or species of animal and that corresponds to the species of modern man, that is, to put it in simpler terms, we are all homo sapiens .

Wisdom is the trait of the species that marks the substantial leap of the same

The name Homo Sapiens is intended to refer to something like a rational human being, if we take into account that homo can refer to both man and humanity and that sapiens refers to wisdom. Precisely this ability to think, to develop knowledge, among others, is what has distinguished homo sapiens from his predecessors and what has marked that substantial and relevant leap in the evolutionary chain of the human being.

Homo sapiens is the only animal on Earth that has been able to develop abstract thinking, including reasoning. Thus, it possesses the elements that are common to other animals such as sensations (fear, fear, anguish, pleasure), but at the same time it can convert those physical sensations into rationalized feelings. In addition, the homo sapiens or human being, is also the only one who has managed to develop an extremely complex lifestyle that tends more and more towards comfort but at the same time towards a life more and more separated from its natural origins.

Homo sapiens was the last of the great hominids to appear on planet Earth. On the other hand, it was the only one that was able to survive the different climatic conditions, expanding throughout the known territory of the Earth. Homo Sapiens (like the rest of the great hominids) is considered to be a descendant of the monkey or the primate, but their connection or link has not yet been fully discovered, lacking what is known as "missing link". In terms of numbers, scientists estimate that Homo sapiens appeared on Earth two hundred thousand years ago in some regions of Africa, from where it left to conquer the entire planet.


Homo sapiens or current human being has some specific traits that allow it to be differentiated from other animals. First of all, it is a bipedal animal, which means that it went from its old four-legged position to standing up and walking on two feet. On the other hand, the human being presents a marked sexual diformism and this means that it can be clearly distinguished between men and women unlike what happens with the males and females of most animal species. While the man is usually bigger, more robust and taller, also the genitals, the chest and the presence of hair are determining factors to make such a difference.

Without a doubt, the element that makes the most profound difference between Homo sapiens and the rest of the animals is the fact that with the former comes the notion of culture. Culture is all that creation made by the human being himself, whether from primitive tools to the most unexpected monuments and monumental constructions. Thanks to the development of an important mental capacity, the use of reason and abstract thought, the human being has been able to develop fabulous elements such as language, religion, art, science, technology, etc.

But let's be more precise and concrete with that substantial difference made by homo sapiens. This species was the pioneer in carrying out conceptual and mathematical operations, that is, adding, subtracting, dividing, and also making associations, comparisons, drawing conclusions from things, among others; to communicate through the development of a verbal and non-verbal language and system as well; the possibility of transforming the environment in which it lives and develops, of course in this regard there have been very good and transformative actions in every aspect, but there have also been others that harmed the environment to the point of having to suffer today the consequences of a careless incursion; enroll in religions; philosophize about himself, about the origin and the world; and as we pointed out lines the development of culture and sociability.

We must also emphasize that of all the homo species, related to homo sapiens, only the latter survives since the rest have become extinct.

The first link in this species, and the oldest, has been called homo habilis. It was called that way because it was noted for its great ability to handle stone and rocks, that is, work them. Also in that chain that preceded it appears homo erectus, named in this way because there was already a tendency to an upright posture that would later be appreciated in a certain way in sapiens. If we compare the erectus with the habilis, the latter walked like a four-legged animal, that is, it rested on all fours.