definition of trivia

It is popularly known as trivia to that game, generally in the form of a contest, in which several participants face each other and that consists of the formulation of questions regarding specific topics of interest such as: arts, sciences, history, sports, among others, to which A series of options will be added as an answer, while the contestants must choose between one of them which they consider to be the correct one.

Meanwhile, also when someone refers to the term trivia, although it does not show the same popularity that we mentioned with respect to the meaning that we exposed in the previous paragraph, instead of answering questions with options, it may be referring to the Roman goddess who represented crossroads for that ancient people and that used to be represented by the Greek Hecate.

Trivia, for the Romans, was then a beneficent divinity who mostly made those companies or projects of men prosper, however, just as he could make them succeed and grow, he could make them fail and lead to an unthinkable fall, being that even Jupiter feared, according to some other legend.