definition of rotisserie

The term in question presents a diverse spelling, rotisserie, rotisserie, rotisserie or rostisseria. As for its etymological origin, it has two possible origins: from the Italian rosticceria or the French rotisserie. Regardless of its origin and its spelling, a rotisserie is an establishment in which prepared meals are prepared for customers to pick them up and then consume them at home without the need for any type of preparation.

This denomination is used in some Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Honduras or El Salvador. In Spain, establishments with these characteristics are called prepared meals, but in recent years the concept of prepared food is being replaced by that of rostissería.

Roast chicken is the main food of rotisseries

The most common food in a rotisserie is roast meat, which is cooked by a rotating system that slowly cooks the meat through a source of dry heat. In this sense, roasting is not exactly the same as baking. Thus, to bake a meat hot air is used and this is done in an oven, while to roast a chicken or a beef a higher temperature is used and using a rotisserie.

In most rotisseries the star dish is roast chicken and as a complement there are portions of rice, potatoes or beans, as well as sauces and condiments to flavor the chicken.

The rotisserie business

From a commercial point of view, rotisseries do not require a large premises, but rather a small establishment. For its location, a commercial area with a large influx of public is recondable. Usually these establishments have affordable prices and are aimed at a very heterogeneous audience. Sometimes, rotisseries incorporate home delivery service. The fundamental element is the meat rotisserie or rotisserie and, on the other hand, knowing how to prepare chicken or meat in an attractive way for the taste of the clientele.

As a culinary proposal, the rotisserie has a uniqueness: it allows the client not to have to cook and to consume a dish in the comfort of their own home. Thus, the offer of a rotisserie can be attractive for people who do not have time to cook or do not like cooking, for those who have to eat at the workplace or in those situations that want to organize a family celebration or among friends in home.

Photo: iStock - gilaxia