definition of fussy

The term fussy is a term of popular use that is normally used to designate a person or animal that acts in a very complaining or critical way of what happens around him. The notion of fussy (which is a qualifying adjective) is part of popular and daily language, although it appears in Spanish-language dictionaries. Normally, the word fussy is used in a negative sense since it is assumed that the person who is called thus is too complaining or negative.

It can be said that being fussy is a character form since generally this adjective is applied to moody, negative and complaining people. Although one can be considered picky at particular times, traditionally the concept is related to people who maintain that attitude permanently.

In addition to representing an attitude of permanent complaint, the term picky can also imply that the person in question is very capricious or demanding and that, therefore, nothing that is offered or nothing that happens to him comes in handy. Generally, this attitude of constant dissatisfaction shown by someone picky is more than anything a question of personality rather than reality. This is so because it is usual for the picky eater to find unsatisfactory things or phenomena that other people do not find so annoying or that they even consider normal. This is why the picky eater can also be seen as a narcissist or egocentric who always wants to draw attention to his person with these types of actions or attitudes.

It is interesting to observe how the attitude of being picky is present in many fictional characters. This has to do with the fact that this characteristic of the personality is easily imitated, parodied and ridiculed since it is usually an exaggeration of the normal behavior of any person.