discussion definition

Discussion will be called that conversation or debate that will be established between two or more individuals and that is mainly characterized by the exchange of opinions, points of view, ideas and beliefs about a certain topic. Generally, the discussion will take place between those participants of the same who present visions or ideas well opposed.

Exchange of opinions, ideas between two or more people who hold different views

Depending on the participants, the situation, the topic under discussion, and the opportunity, the discussion may take place in the framework of the most absolute cordiality and harmony, or failing that, in the most tremendous disharmony.

The discussion turns out to be more effective and with highly positive consequences at the time of the expected generation of changes when the discussion occurs in friendly terms, that is, the participants treat each other with the greatest of respect even not agreeing on anything, allowing that all opinions and points of view are expressed without any aggressive interruptions.

Meanwhile and although of course it is not the best scenario in which it could occur, it may happen that the discussion takes place through a confrontational style, in which, of course, the intention of winning the opinion of people through attacks and aggressive comments will prevail. rather than from the conviction to join their own thinking through clear, explanatory and cordial arguments.

When the discussion takes place as in the first case, in a context of respect and cordiality, it will be possible to consider all the points of life, even the most dissimilar, and finally propose an integrating position that includes them all, while when Each party tries to impose its position and prevail over the rest, conciliation will be impossible.

Debates, a classic of discussion

One of the typical examples of discussion between opponents who have divergent positions is political debates. In debates of this type, two or more candidates are presented who express their political proposals, opposed of course, in the meantime, from that discussion that they lead on various issues and how to face and resolve them, the public will choose the proposal that is most appropriate and appropriate for them. close to his convictions.

As the final mission of the debate participants is to win the favor of the public, which will then be translated into votes in the elections, each one will try to be as convincing as possible to persuade the audience to end up opting for their proposal.

All the debates have a moderator who will be in charge of raising guidelines, topics, managing the time each one has to speak, and if a dispute arises between the participants, he will intervene to calm the spirits.

Continuing in the field of politics, we must say that discussion is essential and basic in democratic systems because it is the fundamental way through which consensus can be reached on policies aimed at improving the well-being of the people.

In democracies, the legislative power is the one in charge of the discussion par excellence, since the legislators that comprise it, belonging to different political currents, meet to present their ideas and then debate the proposals of each one in order to improve them with the contribution of each particular vision.

The most important thing that we must take into account at the request of a discussion of ideas is that it should not be taken to the personal field, that is, it is about discussing points of view to reach consensus on issues that demand solutions and not fight with the other because of what he did or how he thinks.

If we are clear about this and take this into account, we will be able to generate productive discussions.

In many discussions, with the aim of reinforcing the discourse, elements such as objects, messages, visual media that will help to better understand the idea that is being discussed and proposed. Some of the most common are slogans, strong words, posters, transparencies, anecdotes, references to experts, among others.

On the other hand, the term discussion is also used to refer to that study carried out on a specific issue and from various points of view, with the aim of achieving the best resolution on it. The discussion on the human rights of criminals is in full swing after the various juvenile delinquency events that have occurred.

Discussion groups

On the other hand, a discussion group turns out to be the meeting of people who discuss a topic of common interest assisted by a coordinator and a secretary.

The main mission of these groups is to obtain more information on the topic of interest and to take joint decisions in this regard.

Some conditions that he must observe is that the group is heterogeneous enough to have different views on a topic, but also homogeneous, so that all members, between five or ten individuals, share the same knowledge base without the need for exceptional aids. It is advisable that the same meet in a room around a round or oval table which will allow all members to see each other's faces when giving their opinions; and most importantly: that there is absolute freedom for everyone to express themselves freely.