definition of conversation

Conversation is understood to be that communicative act that is established between two or more parties and that involves the exchange of ideas in a calm and respectful way; in conversation, one speaks rather with familiarity.

Communicative act in which two or more people exchange ideas using the same language and preferably within a framework of mutual respect

It is one of the most common synonyms for dialogue and talk.

One of the characteristics of the conversation is precisely the possibility of jointly presenting own ideas to contrast them with those of the other participants and this must be achieved in a space of minimum respect and tranquility so that the understanding between the parties is better.

For a conversation to take place, it is important that the people who participate in it share the same language. This language can be spoken or through symbols or signs and the importance of being equal for both parties has to do with allowing communication that would not otherwise take place. Sometimes the language can be represented by the language (English, Spanish, Spanish, German, French, etc.) as well as by other languages ​​of symbols, signs or gestures that can be known by the people who are talking but not by everyone.

The conversation can revolve around a specific topic as well as various topics as time passes, that is, different topics emerge naturally and spontaneously. Normally in the conversations of friends, which are characterized by their informality, the topics of conversation arise naturally without any imposition.

Thus, you can start by talking about a problem and lead to issues that are not directly related to each other.

On the other hand, the conversation can mean the sharing of diverse ideas since those who participate in them may or may not agree on the topic to be discussed. The exchange of ideas and opinions is exactly what makes a conversation because otherwise, if a single person spoke it would be a conversation or if a single person answers questions it would be an interrogation.

The conversation can have several stages between which the beginning, the middle and the conclusion appear. However, these stages can occur without notification or clarification if not both parties understand when each begins and ends.

Conditions to have a satisfactory conversation

Beyond the specific questions that surround the conversations, we must say that there are some basic conditions that must always be present in any conversation, such as: the participants must show interest during the exchange and know how to listen to each other; avoid interruptions; be tolerant even if the ideas contradict ours, each one will have their turn to express their point of view; be nice; You should not abruptly change the topic you are talking about; always speak clearly in order to be understood, among the main ones.

The main drawback that people face during conversations are the so-called noises, which are those elements and issues that negatively interfere with the correct development of the conversation in question.

Noises: answering phones during a face-to-face conversation

Among the most common noises we can point out the telephones, cell phones or landlines, that ring in the middle of a conversation, and that people tend to respond without taking into account that they are in the middle of an exchange with another person. Instead of not attending, if it is not an emergency, they decide to attend and this usually generates discomfort in the interlocutor who feels that he is left aside, thus losing the atmosphere of the conversation.

At present, the cell phone has become the great noise of face-to-face conversations, especially informal ones, because of course, people do not turn off their cell phones when they feel in a climate of informality and then if it rings there is a tendency to answer calls, messages and everything that comes to our cell phones today, certainly harming the exchange of the conversation.

Surely we have suffered from this situation in recent times and we have been upset about it, but we have probably also forced it.

We must recommend, in order to avoid discomfort and continue to favor face-to-face conversations, that at those times we avoid the abuse of cell phone use.

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