definition of teaching

Teaching is one of the noblest activities and practices that human beings develop in different instances of their lives. It implies the development of techniques and methods of various styles that aim at the passage of knowledge, information, values ​​and attitudes from one individual to another. Although there are examples of teaching in the animal kingdom, this activity is undoubtedly one of the most important for human beings since it is what allows them to develop permanent survival and adaptation to different situations, realities and phenomena.

There are many different types of teaching. In most cases, the term teaching refers to the activity carried out in previously established spaces and moments. That is, the teaching that takes place in school and academic settings. This type of teaching is always more or less linked to objectives, methodologies, practices and resources that are organized in a systematic way in order to obtain similar results in the different individuals that make up a population.

The theories proposed by the various pedagogical currents have developed interesting and important data on how to generate the appropriate spaces, methods and activities for each type of level. In this way, the teaching-learning process that is established between the educator and the student is variable and depends on each specific subject. On the other hand, we can also add that teaching has shown various interests throughout its existence.

Finally, it is important to remember that teaching is not an activity that is carried out only in school spaces. On the contrary, informal teaching can occur at all times of life, from birth to death, within social institutions such as the family, the church, the community center, the neighborhood, as well as in situations related to cultural activities and social congregation. Teaching understood in this sense does not require planning as it is spontaneous. Nor does it have specific objectives or resources, but it does generate extremely variable results for each case. This teaching is undoubtedly essential for the transfer of values, practices and attitudes in accordance with the growth of the human being.

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