definition of self-employed

The word autonomous is the one used to designate the condition of freedom that a person possesses and that allows him or her to function properly in any activity without the need for external help.

Free and independent condition that something or someone has and that allows them to function without help from anyone

The concept can be applied to a person, an element or a process.

The term comes from the Greek, meaning the word ‘self’ oneself and ‘nomos’ norm or rule. The final meaning represents those people who are on their own and do not require the help or assistance of third parties.

The concept is closely related to that of independence.

Applications at the personal and work level

In the everyday world, the word autonomous can refer to a myriad of specific situations and circumstances ranging from work, educational, personal, psychological or even physical.

For example, from the psychic level, a person will become autonomous when he can break that bond of dependency that he maintains with his parents from birth, a fact that occurs naturally when the person grows, acquiring knowledge and experiences and thus learns to function alone.

A child is absolutely dependent on his parents physically and mentally, he is not able to go out alone and make correct decisions for his life if his parents do not intervene, it even depends on the opinions they present on various issues to be able to act.

With the natural growth, the experiences and the lessons received, the person breaks this bond and thus will begin to make decisions per se, good or bad, but will make them on their behalf.

In the labor and economic sphere, a person will be autonomous when he does not have an employer and he is the one who runs his business making all decisions.

In any of the situations that arise, autonomy is a positive value on many levels since it gives us a very high level of freedom.

The autonomy

Autonomous is an adjective that arises from the notion of autonomy.

Autonomy is the ability of a person to make decisions or carry out actions on their own, without needing the advice or help of others. An autonomous person can also be designated as an independent, free person.

Although the ability to be autonomous in different orders of life is a privilege since it allows the individual to develop as he wants to be and not as imposed by others or society, it can also be conflictive when it comes to dealing with group situations or joint with other people.

Autonomous worker

The notion of self-employed is today largely related to the workplace. This is so because the person who does not work in a dependency relationship and who, therefore, moves in the world of work, according to their preferences and possibilities, is designated as autonomous.

The economic activity carried out is habitual, personal and is not subject to an employment contract.

The responsibility that he assumes is unlimited since he must respond for the activities of his business with all his current and future assets, that is, there is no patrimonial separation between person and company.

A self-employed person does not have a boss or superiors to whom they can answer, they can fulfill their schedules to piacere and carry out the activities that they like to do. However, being autonomous, he must provide himself with the support and effort to secure a decent salary at the end of the month, and sometimes the effort must be much greater than that made by workers in a dependency relationship.

It is not even a guarantee that every month you can receive the same money for your work as it happens with the worker in a dependency relationship since the self-employed income is variable, depending on how the business has gone that month.

In the case of the employee in a dependency relationship, it will not matter if the company did worse or better in a month, he will receive according to the monthly salary agreed in his contract.

Also, being a self-employed worker, you must allocate part of your income to pay taxes for tomorrow to be able to access a retirement.