device definition

A device is a mechanism that performs a specific function. For example, mobile devices are great for fostering interpersonal communication, even over long distances. Carrying out a catalog of functionalities, the name of the device is related to this essence.

For example, a home security alarm is a device that has a response mechanism that helps prevent potential burglaries at home. There are different types of smart devices, the computer is one of the most used.

There are many synonymous concepts: instrument, device and artifact.

Appliances for use

It has an advanced and developed language that enhances its use. Another type of device is the video game through which people promote their entertainment through an interactive game. One of the best known games of the moment is Pokémon Go.

The calculators also have their own device and through this device we can make mathematical accounts both in the professional and personal fields. For example, this device can help you to verify that the shopping list is correct.

The watches have their own operating mechanism that regulates the optimal control of time in the daily use of this fashion accessory. Obviously, the devices are elements that have a function and that, therefore, are used in search of a specific service. For this reason, these devices can also break, requiring a repair or also, having to buy a new device because the old one has already been totally useless.

In the technological field, it should also be pointed out that these devices are in a process of constant renewal. In other words, technology is one of the sectors that is developing the most. This means that a device that is presented as the latest novelty on its release on the market, is out of date in a short period of time.

Legislative concept

In the legislative context, the term device refers to what provides for the resolution of a sentence or a contract.

Within the context of the organization we can also say that a city programs a special device when a bicycle race passes through the main streets of the city. And then a new device is needed to regulate traffic.

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