definition of expectation

The expectation turns out to be the feeling of hope, illusion, that an individual experiences before the possibility of being able to achieve a goal or any other type of achievement in his life. “I put high expectations in our relationship and with your deception you did nothing but destroy everything that we built together. I have the expectation that tomorrow they will call me for the job interview at my brother's job.

Hope and enthusiasm that someone feels to fulfill an expected project

Almost always, the concept of expectation appears linked to a situation that is highly feasible to occur, although, as expectation implies a certainty greater than hope, for example, it is that normally the expectation that one has regarding something will be found based on other situations that make it a concrete possibility.

Linked to uncertainty

It should be noted that the expectation usually appears in those cases surrounded by uncertainty in which it cannot yet be confirmed what will happen with respect to something.

Uncertainty implies a state of doubt, lack of certainty about a situation, about the causes, consequences, feelings and ideas, among others.

And we cannot ignore that this state of affairs is predominant in the life of the human being, being the least common to have certainties about everything that happens around us.

Meanwhile, uncertainty goes hand in hand with insecurity, who does not have certainty feels insecure, defenseless, and that is why naturally people go in search of certainties all the time and expectations appear on that path.

Then, in this context, the expectation will be the most realistic assumption among the range of possibilities to happen and the one that best adjusts to what will finally happen.

Due to this situation, if it is associated with predictions and assumptions, the greater the number of certainties, the greater the chances that the expectations in question can be met.

People have a natural tendency to create expectations about any type of issue that concerns us in our daily life, in the personal, family, work, academic plane; There will always be something that we look forward to and hope to occur.

Work hard to get what you want

It is also important to say that waiting sometimes you have to help her and not expect magic or something extraordinary or supernatural to generate the things we hope for, normally, you have to work hard to achieve things.

If we want to receive each other, we will have to study and also sacrifice some things, such as not going out at night, to stay to study.

Traveling to another country far from home if we want to study a career that is taught in a city that is not ours.

And if the expectation does not ultimately come to pass as anticipated or thought, the individual who has experienced it will be overwhelmed by disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction when the expectation does not materialize

When a person who was waiting with great expectation for the realization of a project or plan, and this finally does not occur, the sadness and regret will be proportional to the feeling of expectation he had, and so of course, invariably, he will feel sad, a failure. , and in the most extreme cases, a depressive picture can even develop.

There are people who have tremendous inner strength and who, when an expectation is not fulfilled, they recover and continue fighting to fulfill their dreams and goals, but there are also others who do not have this desire and then these states of depression can be triggered that will require of the realization of some medical treatment to overcome the picture.

But if, on the contrary, reality ends up exceeding widely and positively the expectations that were had, joy will prevail. "Bob Dylan's new album didn't really meet my expectations, I expected a lot more from him.”

Waiting: waiting for something to happen

On the other hand, associated with the term appears an expression: in expectation, which is highly used in ordinary language when one wants to realize that someone is waiting for something, although, does not act. “My nephew has not been born yet, but I am expecting the birth to occur at any moment.”

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