definition of aptitude

It is known as aptitude to that capacity and the good disposition that a person shows to perform or exercise a certain task, job or function, although we can not only reduce it to a work activity, but also the performance and practice of some sporting activity, such as football, tennis, among others, mostly require or need, in addition to the desire and good disposition, the ability to come to fruition and more if it is carried out at a professional level of demanded competence and by the which is obtained a remuneration that is the main source of income.

Meanwhile, in psychological terms, an aptitude will also be that characteristic through which professionals can predict interindividual differences between different people in a future learning situation., that is, for psychology, aptitude not only implies what we mentioned above about the ability of a person to correctly perform a task that is entrusted to him, but also refers to those cognitive capacities, emotional characteristics and personality that all we humans gather.

According to the various studies that psychology has carried out on the subject, aptitudes are closely linked to the level of intelligence that a person has and to the abilities both innate and acquired in the socialization process.

Among the aptitudes that psychology describes and has observed thanks to its research and study, we find the following: mental concentration, musical ability, bodily ability, memory, manual dexterity, coordination, inventiveness, analytical skills, attention, inference, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, verbal comprehension, written expression, logical thinking and abstract thinking, among others.

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