definition of archipelago

The term archipelago refers to a chain or group of islands. These vast areas of water are generally located in the open sea, that is, it is much less frequent to find them near large masses of land..

Although there are various processes that converge at the time of their formation, such as erosion and sedimentation, mostly, archipelagos, find their reason for being in volcanoes, in what their activity generates, forming sometimes oceanic ridges or hot spots.

Although, as we said, an archipelago is made up of a group of islands and the waters that surround them, this being the most recurrent form and if this condition occurs, of course there will be no doubts regarding their limits, when it comes to archipelagos that also belong to a territory, that is, to a continental country, then, there, the legislation of that territory will be the one that must understand and determine the limits of these waters, as well as the condition of the territory.

Among the best known archipelagos we find the following Los Roques in Venezuela, Galapagos in Ecuador, the Canary Islands in Spain, Madeira in Portugal and Chiloé in Chile, among others.